Factory Decoys

South Bend Perch Decoy, painted wood with glass eyes.

Ranging in form from naturalistic to extremely abstract and in color from somber to astonishing,

Creek Chub in Perch finish. Metal fins and glass eyes. Length 4.5"

factory decoys tend to be identifiable by their extreme surface treatments...

Creek Chub in dace finish. Metal fins and glass eyes. Length 4.5"

Metallic paints were often used and delicate spray painting techniques were utilized to create shimmering, iridescent decoys with a luminosity that rivaled the fish they were modeled on.

Rubber decoy, w. metal vanes and anal fin. Length 6"

Other types of factory decoys were made of hard, molded rubber, pressed, molded wood particles......

and still others had the appearance and shape of hand-carved decoys.

Practically all factory decoys have surface treatments and body styles that appear mechanical. Although some were created en masse by individual craftsmen rather than in a factory setting, they're generally devoid of any individualistic character which could be taken as the expression of a particular artist.